About Alton Antique District

The 7th and final debate between Lincoln and Douglas took place right here in The Alton Antique District.

 Alton's Antique District had a very humble beginning  in the early 1970's , when a handful of antique lovers opened antique shops throughout Alton. Shops like the "Gray Barn Antiques" ," Sam Thames Antiques" and "Prairie Peddler Antiques", flourished in a rich antique market. More and more people saw Alton's Antique Shops as a destination for a  day trip or a weekend getaway.

   As Alton became well know as an antique district and more shops opened ,the shops begin to cluster on a few blocks of East Broadway. This area of Alton was popular with antique collectors as well as antique dealers from all across the country.

    The Alton Antique District ( also know as "Alton's Antique Row" ) has undergone many changes over the years. While maintaining it's focus on antiques and remaining true to it's antique heritage, today it is changing once again. 

   When  exploring  Alton's Antique District today you will find many great Antique shops offering a large selection of antiques including "Golden Oak" Furniture, "Victorian" furniture, antique glass and china, country antiques, to  the finest inventory of true period antiques available anywhere.

   You'll see lots of collectibles ,repurposed  and vintage items of every description. To round out your fun shopping experience we have several specialty shops including a pottery, an art glass shop, a shop featuring local hand crafts and a fudge shop.

   The Alton Antique District also has several cafes plus two micro breweries, all  serving lunch.  Come to the Alton Antique District have lunch and  a great day of shopping.

   The antique district also has lodging available.